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The llama is a domesticated member of the Camelidae family that can be found in Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina and Ecuador, as well as in Europe, Australia and North America. However, their natural habitat is the Andean highlands.

History: The term llama is used to colloquially refer to four different, similar species, including the llama, vicuna, guanaco, and alpaca. Llamas were domesticated many centuries ago, and have been used and bred as pack animals. However, they're also an excellent source of fiber for clothing, and can even be used as guard animals for farms and livestock!

Scientific Name: Lama glama

Characteristics: Although llamas do not have humps, they share the same long neck and round muzzle characteristic of camels. Learn more awesome facts about llamas with our true-to-life and scientifically accurate llama toy figurine!

Size: Standing 4 inches tall and 4.25 inches long, both dimensions of this llama toy figurine are an inch shorter than the height of a soda