Serious Whip Lotion: Dude Whip

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Serious Whip is a gamechanger. Serious Whip Lotion is an all-natural, handmade lotion that will help combat even the driest and most chapped skin without leaving a greasy residue behind.

Serious Whip is fluffy in texture and lightly scented... not too sweet and not too strong.

SIDE NOTE: also works amazingly as a makeup remover!

*Milk & Honey: This one has a subtle sweet and creamy scent.

*So Fresh & So Clean: Essential oils of peppermint, grapefruit and lemon give this whip antibacterial qualities

*Dude Whip: Notes of cedar and leather work together perfectly for this one!

*Cherry Almond: A little bit a cherry and a little bit of almond work together for a sweet mix.

*Georgia Quartz: Bright and lively with citrus and floral undertones. A fave!

*Happy & Shit: Light and clean with a hint of melon. A BEST SELLER.

*Because I Can, Doris: Clean, fresh, unisex and a sure seller.