Steiff - Hoppie Rabbit 15" Plush Toy

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Say hello to the adorable Hoppie Rabbit!

They're right at home in an Easter basket or a gift bag for birthdays and other special occasions. Our light gray, soft rabbit playmate has a pastel pink nose and extra-long floppy ears.

Perfect for cuddling and everyday play, small beanbags in Hoppie's bottom, paws and soles allow them to sit up on a shelf in a nursery or at a table with other plush toys. The signature Steiff "Button in ear" symbolizes the finest standards of artistic quality and safety that went into the craftmanship of our lop-eared bunny plush.

Hoppie comes in several sizes and other styles, such as different plush color options or bunny baby gifts like a rattle ring, security blanket or musical pull toy.