Super Undies | Hero Undies Shell - Trucks (Size 0 - (20-25 lbs.)

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Hemp/Bamboo or MicroFiber insert sold separately

Looking for a better overnight option? Super Undies Nighttime Hero Underwear provides triple waterproof protection that lasts 6-8 hours*. Just match your child's wetness output with an insert that can absorb it all, and the incredible waterproof protection of the Hero will do the rest.


  • Two layers of waterproof material in the body
  • Waterproof gussets add more protection
  • Soft pliable fleece at the legs for long term comfort
  • Easy pull-on style for premium Bedwetting protection
  • Optional Hemp/Bamboo or MicroFiber insert sold separately
  • Made In USA


One of the best features of our Super Undies products is they are both washable and reusable.

Hero Undies are a great way to save money and be eco-friendly. Save our Landfills.

Wash with medium heat. Dry on medium or hang dry. Never use bleach.