Tonies - The Pout Pout Fish

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    Swim along with the Pout-Pout Fish as he discovers that being glum and spreading the “dreary wearies” isn’t really his destiny. Enjoy playful rhymes and fun ocean times with Mr. Fish and all his friends! This collection features nine of Deborah Diesen’s stories, including The Pout-Pout Fish, The Pout-Pout Fish Goes to School, The Pout-Pout Fish Cleans up the Ocean, and much more!

    This Tonie teaches kids about: feelings and emotions, healthy habits, routines, and major milestones.

    To get started, all you need is internet access, a Toniebox with a Wi-Fi connection and a Toniecloud account. Tonie-App available for iOS from version 9 and Android from version 4.4. 


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