Veer ~ Sand Mat

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Our custom sand mat leaves sand at the beach where it belongs. Keep sand at bay with our sand filtering Sand Mat. Designed to fit the floor of the Family Basecamp or to be used alone.

Why We Created This

We love the beach but we’d rather keep the sand on the beach and not on our belongings. Since the Family Basecamp is the perfect shady shelter on the beach, we thought it would be perfect to add a sand filtering floor. The Sand Mat is specifically designed to attach to the Basecamp, or it can be used alone.

Key Features
Filters sand for a sand free surface
Water resistant polyester weave
For use with Family Basecamp or for any outdoor adventure
Size & Weight
Dimensions 6.0′ x 8.5′
Weight 4.9 lbs
Use with Family Basecamp 

If you are headed to the Beach, the Sand Mat is the perfect companion to the Family Basecamp.  It can replace the standard floor of the Family Basecamp.  To use the Sand Mat as the floor, follow these easy steps:

  • Fully open the Family Basecamp
  • Remove the standard floor by unclipping the corner clips
  • Attach the Sand Mat to the corner clips

To pack up after a day at the beach:

  • While the Basecamp is fully open, remove Sand Mat by unclipping the corners
  • Shake mat of any leftover sand and fold to the length of the storage bag
  • Close Family Basecamp, roll to compress and secure with elastics
  • Pack the Family Basecamp and folded Sand Mat into the carry bag