Are You a Scrunchy Mom?

Are You a Scrunchy Mom?

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I’m not a crunchy mom. I’m a busy, working mom who tries really hard.

I do try to make decent choices whenever I get the chance, but I know that crunchy mom is not within reach for me and I’m ok with that. I’m also not a silky mom. My girl sleeps in a crib because she likes her own space. I love my cloth diapers, but I use disposables at night because it works for us. I love essential oils and trying to develop our own antibodies appropriately, but I still take my girl to the doctor when I feel like I need to and give her vaccines on schedule. 

Did you know there’s a term for me? I didn’t either! I just saw an article about me on Facebook the other day! Apparently I’m a scrunchy mom! I saw the term, scratched my head, and wondered if there’s some movement of moms I don’t know about, taking over the playgrounds with scrunchies and high-waisted jeans.  So, I read that article, and thought, hey, that’s basically me. I wanted to breastfeed, but found myself exclusively pumping instead. I love baby wearing whenever I get the chance, and feel like that helps with bonding especially since my girl likes to sleep in her own room.  

So seriously mommas, I think the article had some great points. Mom-ing isn’t a one-size-fits-all project. Don’t beat yourself up if you’re not all crunchy, and don’t stress about it if you’re a mostly silky mom. Is your kid fed? Is your baby clothed?  How about diapers, do you get them changed regularly? Is your little one loved, kissed and snuggled? You’re checking all the most important boxes of mom-ing.

I feel like most of us are scrunchy moms. You make the best choices you can for your family. You research what you can, make the choices that you can with the time, money, and options you have available to you, and relax. Either way, your babies are going to be loved, they’re going to be fed and clothed. You’re doing a great job no matter the choices you make. So put on those mom jeans, throw your hair up in a scrunchy and go love your babies!

Jenny Ditch is a part-time cloth diapering, baby wearing, non-organic eating mom in Illinois who does the best she can with the little time she has to snuggle her girl as much as possible.


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Truth!!! Thanks for the encouragement’

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