Baby Benzocaine: Not Safe Under Any Name

Baby Benzocaine: Not Safe Under Any Name

Erin Burt

Very likely, you may have already read a blog or news article that warns of the dangers of certain teething gels and creams. That would be because the FDA has been warning parents about them for the past decade. A decade! So for the past 10 years a dangerous product that has been marketed as being safe for babies has been on the shelves and sold to the masses.  

Not all teething gels are created equal. The ones to be on the lookout for are ones that contain a drug called Benzocaine that is a topical used to prevent itching and pain from various conditions. This drug also can cause a rare blood condition that is linked to potentially deadly breathing problems. One mom told a story of how seconds after giving her daughter Baby Orajel (the brand most associated with this issue) she went limp, stopped breathing and turned blue.

Interestingly enough right on Web MD it states that Benzocaine should not be used during pregnancy unless clearly needed and that nursing mothers should not apply this anywhere near their nipple should their infant swallow it. Now that sure sounds like some contradicting info to what’s on the instructions for Baby Orajel, a product allowed to be sold for 10 years.

The good news: Baby Orajel has been discontinued as of May 23, 2018.  The takeaway from all of this is to always read the label. This is true for medications, food, and cosmetics. And not just for your baby, but also for you. Orajel has given us a great lesson in that just because something is out there on the shelf available for purchase does not mean that we should be using it.

Here is a great place to start for safe teething options and today more than ever there are so many choices for natural and safe products out there for just about everything in your home. Here is where you can learn about what is in conventional household cleaners and turn to none other than MMB to start working towards a more natural home. 

Lisa is a breastfeeding, cloth diapering mama and loves to explore all things natural parenting.

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