Boon: Baby Gadgets You're Going to Need

Boon: Baby Gadgets You're Going to Need

Abbie @ MMB

There are so many baby & toddler products out there that it can be overwhelming. So when I found a company that consistently offers high quality products that are fun and functional, I literally wanted to buy all the things. Boon Inc. has products to make meal time, bath time and bed time more fun!

Marco: This sturdy, little guy makes bath time an adventure. He bobs around the tub and his helmet changes color as soon as he hits the water; once you take him out, the lights go off. No on/off button!

Pulp Silicone Feeder: This little gadget has transformed our experiences of going out to eat with a baby. You can load it up with peas, berries, avocado, squash, banana, anything that your baby can mash in their mouth. She loves the independence of sitting in the high chair and eating (and it really isn’t too messy!) and we love that we can eat our meal without having to inhale food and pass a baby back forth.

Jellies: These cute and colorful jellyfish have suctions on the bottom and stick to the wall, the tub, and to each other. They are a good size so tiny hands can grab them easy.

Snack Ball: These bright and fun snack holders are easy to open and close for toddlers, are BPA free and come apart for easy cleaning. I got one for my 3-year old niece who would usually only take a couple bites of something, but she loves to finish up whatever is in it so she can fill it back up to carry around again.

Glo: This is one of the coolest nightlights I have seen. It has three 3 color changing, removable “glo” balls that also act as portable nightlights. They are cool to the touch and will stay lit up for 30 minutes once removed.

Snug Spout Lids: These 100% silicone lids stretch to fit so you can transform most cups into a spill proof sippy cup. No more searching for what lids fit what cup with these!

These are just a few things, Boon has so many more products that I am excited to try out. And they also have amazing customer service. When I first got Marco to try, he just sank to the bottom of the tub. I contacted Boon, explained what happened and they sent us out a brand-new, free replacement that arrived in a few days. I highly recommend the company to any parent! 

Lisa is a babywearing, breastfeeding, cloth-diapering mama that loves exploring products to make bath time and feeding more fun.

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