Baby Lit for the Nerds in Your Life

Baby Lit for the Nerds in Your Life

Erin Burt

I’m a nerd. I was on the scholar bowl team, chemistry team, and participated in a few other nerdy teams when I was in high school. So I’m loving the nerdy trend in baby products. Thanks to a couple of great new brands, MMB is ready to help your budding little scholars be prepared for all kinds of jeopardy categories! 

Physics, Chemistry and Science

My BFF bought my girl her first Baby University book a few months ago. I was thrilled when I was reading The ABC’s of Science to her (for the 1,523rd time) and I turned the page to the letter Q and she said “Quark!” My 18-month-old knows the word quark. No, I’m not exaggerating. Now, my girl has a lot of words for her age, but I’m still quite impressed with these books!

I love how the ABC books have different levels of explanation, so you’ll be able to use these books for years to come. I love that my toddler can recognize the words and some of the basic concepts of the pictures. My favorite part is that as she gets older I can start to explain these words in more detail so she’ll learn what a quark actually is, along with concepts like kinetic energy, light waves, theories.

Literature and Geography

For the literature lovers in your life, BabyLit Books are a great way to teach your toddler basic concepts, while making the bibliophile in your life smile with the references to their favorite characters and stories. I’ve checked out a lot of these, and the classic stories are very basic for the most part. Emma was a book of pictures of the book’s characters and different facial expressions and their emotions. Aladdin has a super basic story line. The location books are great ways to introduce new places to your little ones, with exciting pictures and interesting ideas. BabyLit books always have great, colorful illustrations and are well made to withstand the demands of teething.

I love going to baby showers that request books instead of cards, and I love having fun options for parents that aren’t books they’ve probably never thought to read to their babies. I’ll be adding some of these to my list of gift options!

Jenny Ditch is a nerdy mom in Illinois who is constantly reading to her toddler.

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