Babywearing During the Warm Months

Babywearing During the Warm Months

Erin Burt


I have a furnace of a child, she is always hot and sweaty, even in winter. At the bottom of Illinois, we have a surprisingly high level of humidity to go along with our summer heat. Making it gross outside for a lot of the summer, and for a few weeks, completely unbearable. But I love to wear my baby. Especially when I’m always working and away from her, I just like her to be close. So I’ve had to adapt my baby wearing strategy a bit to account for my little furnace, especially in the upcoming warm months.

Coast and airflow carriers
I don’t even bother getting excited about carriers that aren’t built for summer, my girl is so hot she couldn’t stand an “everyday wear” styled carried except in the coldest part of winter, and then probably only when we were outside. So, I just get summer style carriers. I have a Tula coast, and one of my good friends has a Lillie baby airflow. The more mesh, the better off you are for airflow, so make sure you plan for hot summers when buying a baby carrier.


Frog togg towels
One or two of these frog togg towels are on my list of purchases to make before summer. I always need to be prepared for my little furnace, and these towels are supposed to keep you and your little one cooler. Just get your towel wet and put it between you two. Make sure you wait until your little one is at least a year old though before putting it between you and your little one though, because they can’t regulate their temperature properly before that. If your little one is tiny, you can always use it for yourself, and wipe your little one down for a little relief as well.

Stroller fan
We took my girl to the zoo for her mid-August birthday last year. It was only about a million degrees that day. Thankfully, I had the chance to grab this stroller fan right before we left. So when my girl was demanding to be worn for about half the day, despite the heat, she at least had some circulating air near her face. I’ve even been keeping a tiny little screw drive and an extra set of batteries in my diaper bag so I can keep that fan running in top form. It was a win all around!


Hopefully these tips will keep you and your little one cooler this sweaty summer season!

Jenny Ditch loves baby wearing and hates being hot and sweaty, which is at least 2 months of summer in Southern Illinois!


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