Benefits of Homemade Baby Food

Benefits of Homemade Baby Food

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One of the growing trends among parents is heading back to the basics, and preparing your own baby food is just one of the ways. Although there are a lot of premade baby food options out there, there is something special about making your own. This isn’t to say that the jars and pouches don’t have their place because they are super convenient, especially when you’re traveling.

But if you do decide to make the majority of your baby and toddlers meals at home, here are some of the benefits:

  • You save money. One of the squeeze pouches or jars can cost around $1.50 (or more) where you could buy your own fruits and veggies for that much and get more for your money.
  • The squeeze pouches are an environmental They just don’t breakdown and the recycled components can’t be separated out so they end up filling landfills or swimming in the ocean.
  • Heat that is used to kill bacteria in prepackaged baby food can also dull nutrients.
  • Homemade baby food provides your little one with a lot of different textures, consistency, and flavors, which may help them be less picky eaters down the road and make for an easier transition to table foods.
  • You know exactly what goes into the food you make so ultimately your baby is getting the best and most fresh ingredients for their meals.

Some tips for making your own baby food are:

  • Steam instead of boil to retain the most nutrients
  • A first, keep everything down to one ingredient (don’t add salt, sugar, etc.) so it is easier to identify possible allergies. Later, you can add seasonings to introduce new flavors.

It might seem like it takes a lot of time to get meals ready for the week, but you can freeze most of the food you make and take out as needed so in the future you are saving time. And you can also still have the convenience and non-messiness of a reusable pouch for your purees! The cookbook that I use the most is The Baby & Toddler Cookbook. All of the recipes are set out by age and stages and is a great place to get started when introducing solids to your baby.


Lisa is a babywearing, breastfeeding, cloth-diapering mama that discovered a love for being in the kitchen only when she started making food for her daughter.

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