Deet Bug-Spray Alternatives

Deet Bug-Spray Alternatives

Erin Burt

I’ve got very dry skin on my legs and for years I’ve struggled with bug spray. It makes me feel sticky and almost itchy and very uncomfortable. It’s to the point I’m less worried about the bugs than I am about the bug spray!

Mosquitos and ticks can spread dangerous illnesses like Zika and Lyme disease, so keeping them off you and your kids isn't just a matter of convenience. 

When I had my little girl I was thrilled to find out that Mom’s Milk Boutique carried bug spray alternatives with fewer chemicals and more natural ingredients! Not only did I want my baby to not be exposed to all the chemicals in bug spray, but I was eager to find bug spray that would work for me and not cause me more irritation in the process.

Shue Bug
We’ve been using one bottle of Shue Bug for two years now in our diaper bag. The small size is perfect for carrying in your bag or taking with you to the great outdoors for your summer adventures! The smell is great, it’s effective and doesn’t leave any lingering slimy feeling like commercial bug sprays. The vegan ingredients are I’ve really appreciated the nice light smell that doesn’t irritate my skin.

A new brand for this year is Badger. They offer a large array of bug sprays, lip balms, and sunscreen options. They even have sunscreen with bug spray included in it! Now that’s a smart product! This Badger anti-bug stick is a great alternative for you to send with your kids to camps, practice, or other outdoor activities to insure protection while giving them an easier way to apply the spray consistently. It’s also great for moisturizing your skin! 

If you prefer a lotion option Episencial has Mighty Shield, a lotion that repels critters and nourishes skin! I love products that multitask! This is on my list for the next time I need bug spray. I’m hoping it’ll help my dry skin a lot!

At the end of the day, the most important plan is to make sure you make good choices for your family and guard yourselves from those annoying little critters that are so prevalent this time of year.

Jenny Ditch lives in Southern Illinois with her little girl and her husband and dreams of a summer with fewer allergens and less humidity


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