Ecofriendly Products to Make Mommin’ Easy

Ecofriendly Products to Make Mommin’ Easy

Erin Burt

When you think about your average day as a mom, you probably do some kind of cleaning with paper products every day. Mom’s Milk Boutique recently started carrying Marleys Monsters, an ecofriendly company that has created products to replace the paper products in our lives. I have purchased a few of their products, and I have not been disappointed!

Unpaper Towels: These paper towel replacements are soft and colorful. You can purchase solids or cute prints. The towels are 12” x 10” and 1 ply. They don’t fray, so no worries there. The best part of this product is you wash them in your washing machine, and with each wash, they become more absorbent. The reusable towels stick together easily, so you put them on a roll or even in a cute little basket. No more napkins. No more paper towels. I use mine for my kids at mealtimes. They constantly want a wet rag, and this replaces the need for a washcloth at the table, and keeps one more item off my grocery list each week.

Kitchen Sponge: I used to spend money on kitchen sponges on a regular basis. I was constantly buying new ones, because I didn’t feel like my old sponge was still sanitary. Marleys Monsters sponges are cotton terry cloth on one side and cotton flannel on the other side. They are washable, don’t mildew, and they are made from recyclable materials. My sponge has a fun teapot print.

Facial Rounds: How many nice towels have you ruined taking off your mascara? These facial rounds are perfect for this task. These can be washed in the dryer, as well. They even make great nursing pads, too!

Crinkle Paper: These crinkle papers are similar to baby paper. Your little one can spend time playing with the paper, and it’s ecofriendly! Fun fabrics and flannel make these a must for your little one.

So, momma, have you tried Marleys Monsters? The fun prints and amazing quality won me over. I am also a big fan of helping the environment, one unpaper towel at a time.

Karyn Meyerhoff is a mom of three in Arkansas where she loves reusable products. They save her from going to Walmart again this week.

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