End of School Gifts for Your Childcare Team

End of School Gifts for Your Childcare Team

Erin Burt

It’s springtime, and I think it’s a great time to thank your kids caregivers, especially if your kids schedule is changing for summer. Here’s a few great ideas to let them know how much they mean to your family.

Find out where they get their hair or nails done and give them a gift certificate. If they always have manicured nails, ask other teachers where they go. Or check their Facebook to see where they get their hair done. Give them a gift certificate to their place, or another place you know is great and convenient for them. They’ll appreciate a little pampering. 

Great restaurants or delivery
At the end of a long day taking care of your little angels, it’s always a great break to give your caregiver a night without having to make dinner. Whether you give them a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant or another great place that’s convenient to their drive, give them the break they deserve!

Send your favorite caregivers a great treat. Fill a GoSili mug with caramels! That mug is great, it’ll keep your hands warm, ride well in your car’s cup holder, and reheat in the microwave like a champ. I use mine all the time! You can also buy them a sweet MantraBand bracelet. 

Teacher Tricks
If your kids are a little older be sure to check out Wendy’s post about teacher gifts. I love the office supply idea! My mom worked in a school when I was a kid, and I can remember all the supplies they used, and struggling to make sure they had what they needed for their kids. You can always grab a Walmart gift card and pass that on. Then that teacher can get what will help her most!

The Gift of Long-Term Thankfulness
As a former long-term childcare giver, my very favorite thing is to see the kids I got to help raise for a little while grow up. I still get Christmas cards from my dear little one’s parents and see them growing up being college students, award winning swimmers, and more. Just last week a kid I taught in Sunday school and his wife had their own little boy, it was so special. It’s a beautiful thing to see those kids grow up. It’s fun to see those tiny humans I used to push on swings wear graduation robes too! Send a sweet note to your kids’ caregivers as they grow, let them know they made a difference in your family, and that they’re still loved. It matters. 

Jenny Ditch lives and works in Illinois while trying to navigate childcare and surviving.

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