First Food Must-Haves from Mom's Milk Boutique

First Food Must-Haves from Mom's Milk Boutique

Erin Burt

Since I first became a mom in 2012. Mom’s Milk Boutique has been my go-to for fun, new products for my babies, and this has been especially true when it comes to feedings. Here are some of my favorite first food feeding essentials from MMB.

  1. Re-play- This brand has it all. We use the divided plates, the flat plates, the cups, the sippy cups, the bowls, the snack stacks, and the cutlery in my house. It’s just easy. The products are made of recycled materials, so they are earth friendly. They last. I’ve used some of them since my daughter started eating solids back in 2013. They’re durable. Ours have been dropped, put in the dishwasher, and put through a lot, but they still look great. They come in fun colors, and we’re always looking for new colors to add to our rainbow collection of Re-play.
  1. Squeasy- I purchased a Squeasy for my youngest daughter and it was worth the money. She was constantly wanting to be like her older siblings and eat big girl foods but mommy couldn’t handle the mess she was making. (Gogurt is not baby friendly.) So, I purchased a Squeasy. This little pouch is great to add things like yogurt, smoothies, applesauce, etc., to and baby won’t know what’s coming. Audrey has enjoyed some foods in the Squeasy that I didn’t think she would even sample. Also, if you like to buy those baby food pouches, this will save your money. Squeasy allows for you to make your own baby food and still transport it on the go. It’s easy to clean and affordable, as well.
  1. Boon Silicone Feeder- This products is so much better than the mesh feeder I used with my first-born. You can use these feeders to ease teething pain by putting chilled food in them. The top snaps on easily and it comes in fun colors. My baby had no trouble holding this and it made eating messy bananas a breeze. She used to be entertained by this while I fixed supper. It comes apart easily and cleans up nicely. Worth the money.
  1. Bapron Baby- These bibs are not only adorable, they are essential if you have a messy eater. They are easy to clean and are designed for children who wear a 6 month all the way up to a 3t in toddler size! The bib is like a smock and covers baby’s chest and lap. You can even put these in the washer. I love that these bibs wipe clean so easily and the prints and designs make feeding fun.

So mommas, what fun feeding products have you tried? I haven’t tried them all, but these are some that I have loved. Babies love to eat and feeding time may as well be fun!

Karyn Meyerhoff is a mom of three in Arkansas where she wants a little baby to feed now. Her toddlers will have to do. 

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