Fun Fall Activities for Your Toddler

Fun Fall Activities for Your Toddler

Abbie @ MMB

Fall is the official kick-off to the holiday season. Warm drinks, cozy clothes and lots of fun things to do with your toddler!

Arts & Crafts

Leaf Rubbing: This is something that I think most of us have done at some point in our life and it’s a timeless classic! It’s a really good activity to do right before the leaves turn as the rubbings work best with green leaves. Using “fall” colored crayons, your toddler can create their own vibrant foliage.

Leaf Monsters: I like this project because they can also double as homemade Halloween decorations for around the house. You can get googly eyes, stickers, markers and craft foam, to decorate faces on your leaves.

Q-Tip Painted Tree: Using crayons, markers, or colored pencils they draw a tree with branches and then use Q-Tips to paint dots to represent the leaves. The Q-Tip helps to promote additional fine motor skills and is small enough to (hopefully) contain mess that can come from using a paintbrush.

Fall Spice Painting: Using simple ingredients you can help your toddler make paint that smells like Autumn spice scents. They can paint pumpkins that smell like pumpkin spice or an Autumn tree that smells like cinnamon and brown sugar! They can also paint a bonfire with these colors and use Q-Tips as the fire wood.

Mess-Free Autumn Tree: This craft is really good for toddlers that aren’t quite ready to handle paints themselves. On a sandwich bag you can help them to draw a tree using a black sharpie and then add some globs of paint on the inside. Seal it up, and let them get creative.


No-Fire S’mores: It isn’t always feasible to get a bonfire going to make this classic fall treat but this simple recipe will let you do so in your home. Your toddler can help stack the ingredients. You can combine this with the bonfire painting activity and pretend to roast a S’more inside!

Apple Picking: No fall season is complete without a trip to the local orchard to bring home a bag of hand picked apples. It’s a great experience for your toddler because what starts with them picking their own can end with them helping you make cider, pie, or use the apples for painting.

Leaf Peeping: If you are lucky enough to live in an area where the foliage just explodes in the fall, it can make for a nice day to drive around and take it all in. You can get colored containers (yellow, red, orange, green, brown) and, while on a nature walk, have your toddler collect leaves and match them to the colored container. 

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