Fun With Sitting

Fun With Sitting

Erin Burt


Can you imagine how a baby who has started to sit on their own must feel? It’s like they have been given a magic key that unlocks a whole new world of opportunities to learn and play.

There are so many places that babies can practice their new skill that they are learning to master while they have fun doing new activities. Whether you choose to have them sit outside or inside, the options for fun are endless!

Find some shade and dress for the weather to have some fun sitting outside with these activities:

  • Let baby explore grass by sitting directly on it. You’ll find out real fast if they love or hate the new texture.
  • Put a blanket on the grass and surround baby with their favorite toys to enjoy, while they get some fresh air.
  • Pick baby’s favorite spot to sit outside and place big bowls filled with water in front of them to splash around in. You can even add bath toys to the water that they can splash and play with.
  • On a hot day, fill up a baby pool with a small amount of water and let them have fun sitting inside with your assistance, while they cool themselves off.
  • Take baby for a walk in an upright stroller. They will be able to see things from a whole new perspective and enjoy seeing new sites as they approach.
  • Bring baby to the nearest playground in that upright stroller and let them try swinging in a baby swing.

On days that you need to be inside, try these activities to entertain your little one while they sit up:

  • If you need to accomplish a task, put your baby in a highchair with toys or objects that are safe for them to put in their mouth on the highchair tray. Warning, you may spend some of that time playing pick up when they drop or throw the toys!
  • Make some music! Let your baby sit on the floor surrounded by safe musical instruments and enjoy the sounds they create.
  • Attend storytime at your local library and let baby sit up to listen to a story and interact with the group.
  • Offer your baby a variety of safe sensory toys or items to explore as they sit on the floor.
  • Sit your baby on the floor and give them an old magazine to see how they explore it. My son had the best time shredding the pages to pieces. We both laughed a lot. It is, however, important to be ready to intercept the pieces of paper before they end up in the baby’s mouth.

Sarah Cole is a freelance writer who lives in Colorado with her two young children and husband. She always enjoys trying new activities with her children as they grow and are able to be challenged in new ways.

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