Getting Your Baby Outside

Getting Your Baby Outside

Erin Burt

With springtime on its way, here are some ways to get outside and enjoy the weather with your little one.

Blankets and Balls
When my first daughter was a baby, we spent afternoons outside on a outdoor blanket. I would bring a few small toys, just usually balls. We would play with the balls on the blanket and get some Vitamin D. Little Unicorn outdoor blankets are my current favorite for outside play. You can bring some sunscreen and a sunhat for baby and just enjoy the sunshine. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Babies love being outside.

Take a Walk
All of my babies have loved being outside for walks. There is something about the fresh air that just makes babies take amazing naps. Use a stroller and grab a fun drink. I always loved getting an iced drinks at Starbucks and then going to the park for walks. Or grab your Tula and let baby rest while you walk. If you have an older babies or young toddlers, use the walk to point out nature and the colors. My oldest daughter loved pointing out cars and the colors as they went by on our daily walks. Walks are great for super-active kids. It doesn't feel like a lot of work, but it wears them out. 

Nature Walks
My son loves just exploring outside. If your baby is mobile, spend some time in your own yard. Take a bucket and shovel and look for things in your own yard. We love to look for dandelions or pinecones here in Arkansas. Sometimes we find little treasures, and it is heartwarming when he gives me a flower. If your baby is younger, just be cautious. My son ate a flower once while on a nature adventure! 

Bubbles and Simple Toys
My daughter is 17 months old and her favorite thing right now is bubbles. We have a bucket full and she loves to chase the bubbles while mommy waves the wand. If your little one isn’t mobile, take the walker or push toy outside for some fun. It doesn’t have to be complicated.

So there are fun ways to be outside with your baby. I promise a good playtime outside can restore a tired momma’s soul and give baby such joy. Try it!

Karyn Meyerhoff is a mom of three in Arkansas where she can’t wait for some warm park days this spring.


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