Gift Guide for Cloth Diapering Families from Mom's Milk Boutique

Gift Guide for Cloth Diapering Families from Mom's Milk Boutique

Erin Burt

Whether you know a mom who has cloth diapered forever or who is just getting started, new, amazing things are always coming out! Here's a roundup of our favorite gifts from Mom's Milk Boutique for the cloth diapering mamas in your life! 

Wet Bag
In my cloth diapering experience I’ve learned that a decent wet bag makes cloth diapering so much easier!  Always having plenty of cute wet bags, that are the right size for your outing makes cloth diapering on the go a much less stressful experience.  Grab an adorable small or medium wet bag and your cloth diapering momma will be sure to smile every time she takes it out of her diaper bag!
Price: $10.00 $20.00

Little Unicorn Diaper Bags
These hot new diaper bags are classy and always have room to hold all a cloth diapering momma’s gear!  They’re well-made and come in classic colors.  All those pockets, a changing pad, and stroller straps are sure to make that mom feel empowered to get out of the house and take on the world, with her cloth diapers and babies in tow!
Price: $65.00 & $90.00

Mantra Band
These are great encouragements for any mom, especially a cloth diapering mom in your life.  I recommend this one if you’re looking for a specific choice for the cloth diapering mom in your life. She believed she could make a good choice for her family by choosing cloth, and she did!
Price: $25.00

Disposable Liners
Nobody likes to deal with poop. These handy liners are a great way to help moms while also giving them a break from the poop! Whether it’s a serious diaper rash problem, or an illness, or just your average moment of needing a break, these disposable liners are ready to rescue the cloth diapering mom in your life and give a chance to have one less problem to handle for a little while.
Price: $10.00 

A Pretty Changing Pad
When you’re out and about, a nice portable diaper changing pad is always nice to help keep those public bathroom germs out off of your little one and all of your cloth diapering gear.  I love Ju-ju-be’s memory foam, it’s great to cushion your little one’s head from those hard changing stations in public bathrooms.
Price: $10.99-$20.00

Every cloth diapering mom needs a little indulgence while those diapers are washing.  MMB’s signature caramels are a great way to get her something yummy to momma a moment to escape the challenges of parenting small children.  Just make sure she gets to keep these to herself! 
Price: $7.99 and up

Jenny Ditch is a cloth diapering mom of one girl in Illinois who loves to shop at MMB for her cloth diapering needs, and lots of other needs and wants as well!


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