Gifts for the Boob Nerd in Your Life

Gifts for the Boob Nerd in Your Life

Erin Burt

The holidays are here and you may have a nursing mama on your gift list. Whether you want to express your sense of humor, indignance, or appreciation of the life-sustaining aspect of the breast, we have you covered… or not!

Even if you aren't "into" nursing when you first begin, for some it kind of takes over your life. They become what are known as Boob Nerds. Some become activists, some become lactation consultants, doulas, or various group leaders. And its' no wonder why--the more you learn about nursing, the more amazing it is. So here's to the boob nerds. 

This post started with the boobie beanie. No matter the underlying message one hopes to convey with this hat, a message will be received by every passerby.

Similar to the beanie, if someone you know is a nurse, doctor, midwife, or lactation consultant, consider the crocheted breast to enhance their instruction.

Jewelry to assist with mom’s wavering memory in those early days might be helpful! Mom could use a safety pin to remember which breast she last provided milk from but there are beautiful jewelry options including rings, bracelets, and pins.

Breast milk jewelry offers the opportunity to encapsulate the magic of the nursing years. The nursing lady could keep the jewelry for her own memories or to her children, so she are always with them. Whether this turns out to be a breastfeeding fad or not, her milk will be here to stay long past her nursing days.

If she is heading back to the office and is always complaining people take her favorite coffee mug, perhaps this one will keep others’ hands off. Can’t take the caffeine? Try a tumbler cup instead.

If supply is an issue (or even when it’s not!) gift a water bottle made for mamas on the make.

For your own stationery needs, or as a gift for a mom, nurse, or other mommy-supporter, grab a few breastfeeding-themed cards to give.

And in case the mama has an empty wall in her nursery, consider nursing art.

There are nursing shirts and there are nursing activist shirts. So many nursing shirts. And onesies. And scarves. And….

Side note: If any of these items are no longer for sale, do a quick search (especially on Etsy). As the community of support builds around nursing mothers so does the marketplace.

Lynette is a mom of three children from 20 months to age five. She has cloth diapered all three since birth and enjoys all things eco-friendly and mindful living.

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