Gifts for the Green Home from Mom's Milk Boutique

Gifts for the Green Home from Mom's Milk Boutique

Erin Burt

Spread your love for the planet with these amazing green gifts from Mom's Milk Boutique! They're the perfect way to spoil a loved one, and they are also an easy win for those hard-to-shop for people in your life. 


Ditch the traditional plastic baggies with these 100% pure platinum food grade, reusable, silicone bags that you can steam in, bake in, microwave in, freeze in, and store your food in. Part of the magic is all in the patented airtight seal so all of your foods nutrients and flavors stay locked in.
Price: Starting from $9.99 

Bee’s Wrap
Replace plastic wrap with these beautiful, unique, and cleverly crafted reusable sandwich wraps. Made of all natural ingredients, this makes a great and memorable gift.
Price: $11.00

Re-Play Snack Stack
Made from recycled milk jugs, these containers prevent your snacks from getting squished, are stackable (perfect for veggies and dip) and come in a variety of colors. For the holidays, why not choose festive colors and fill it up with delicious Bequet Caramels for the most hard to get people on your list?
Price: Snack stack- $6.99, Extra Lid- $2.00, Caramels- Starting from $11.99

Living Room

JULIA Swinging Aromatherapy Diffuser: Set apart from other diffusers, the JULIA spreads the oil scent 160 degrees from left to right using ultrasonic technology creating the perfect ambience.
Price: $79.99

Taylor’s Lavender Essential Oil
Lavender is the perfect oil to give anybody who is an essential oil pro or just starting out. It’s calming and soothing which makes it a wonderful gift to help anybody de-stress around the holidays.
Price: $9.99

Little Unicorn Organic Cotton Muslin Quilt
These beautiful 4-layer quilts are made from 100% organic cotton that gets softer with each wash, making them all the better to snuggle up with. They come in a variety of different prints to match anyone’s style.
Price: $70.00


DaBomb Bath Fizzers: Created by two teen sisters in the USA, these natural bath bombs use only just a few simple but high quality ingredients. The best part is that when it is done dissolving, there is a prize waiting for you! These bombs have a strong scent in the best possible way and make a great gift for the office holiday party.
Price: $7.50

Earth Mama Lip Balm
These lip balms are certified organic, natural, vegan and are incredibly smooth. A great idea for these is to get two or three different scents and pair them in a Planet Wise mini wet bag, which is a reusable food-grade bag perfect for snacks later on!
Price: Lip Balm- $3.00 Wet Bag- $6.95

Whether it is for your best friend, or that co-worker that you don’t know all too well, you will be a hit with these gifts. 

Lisa is a babywearing, breastfeeding, cloth-diapering mama that enjoys exploring all things natural for the home.

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