Going Back to the Daily Grind

Going Back to the Daily Grind

Erin Burt


You’ve had a great few months of maternity leave, now it’s time to make plans to go back to work. You may be excited about getting back to work, maybe you’re ready for some more adult interaction, or perhaps you’re looking forward to getting into a regular routine.

Or perhaps you’re mourning the end of your bonding and recovery time, either way, it’s time to get some plans and supplies in order for your transition. If you get the chance to choose the day you return to work, try to return in the middle of the work week. It’s a nice way to ease the “shock” of a work week schedule for just a couple of days before jumping back in full force.  

Gather Sanity Supplies
If you’re breastfeeding, make sure you’ve made a plan for pumping at work.  These new Ju-Ju-Be pumping bags are designed for the pumping mom in mind. Make sure you get a few photos of your precious one printed out. You can have a million photos on your phone, but there’s something more tangible about a printed photo, and remind yourself of that little one who is eagerly waiting for you at home. Perhaps you need something to encourage yourself as you transition.  I feel like a mantra band is a great tangible reminder that you’ve got this!

Practice the Schedule
Sometime the week before you go to work, pick a weekday and practice getting out of the house and to work on time. Check your adjusted commute, with drop off time, perhaps you want to drop the little one off for a couple of hours to give them a test drive as well. You’ll be able to make plans for traffic time, and make plans for your morning schedule as well.  

Make Morning Preparations
Since I’ve been back to work, one of the most valuable changes I’ve made is in my nightly routine. I started planning my wardrobe and choosing my lunch the night before. Preparing for my work day, packing the diaper bag, and preparing lunches in advance give me a much smoother morning, and allows me to make fewer decisions when I’m limited on time.  

No matter how you feel about going back to work, remember to give yourself some room for the unexpected, and relax, you’re going to be fine. 

Jenny Ditch is a working mom of one in Illinois who works to avoid as much morning as humanly possible.


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