Great Gifts for Babies from Mom's Milk Boutique

Great Gifts for Babies from Mom's Milk Boutique

Erin Burt

My little guy is currently eight months old, and just started sitting up on his own. I’m so excited for his first Christmas, and I’m so jazzed to share his Christmas wish-list with you! These are some things I hope he’ll find under our Christmas tree this year. 

Indestructible Books
Chew proof, drool proof, and tear proof, these books really live up to their name! Babies will enjoy playing with these 100% non-toxic books that won’t fall apart after taking a beating. And they’re washable too! Babies love “reading” these books!
Price: $5.95

Boon Fleet Stacking Boats
Now that baby has mastered sitting, he needs new toys to play with in the bathtub! I recommend this set of Fleet Stacking Boats. Baby will have tons of fun pouring and dumping water in the tub, as well as stacking the boats and learning colors! These make a great gift for the baby to enjoy for many baths to come!
Price: $9.99

Fat Brain Tobbles
If you’re looking to buy a toy that baby will love for a long time and play with non-stop, this is the toy! Its unique and colorful design provides endless amount of play for little ones. Babies don’t even know they are developing strong fine motor skills while playing with these weighted nesting toys. As baby grows, he will find more ways to stack, topple, balance, and spin. I can‘t wait for my little guy to open his Christmas morning!

Not all stuffed animals are created equal, and the Jellycats are here to prove it! You have never felt a softer animal than the Jellycat. They come in such a unique variety, and are safe for children of all ages. From penguins to mermaids to dinosaurs, there is a Jellycat for everyone!
Price: From $15.00 

Silicone Bib Set
Baby won’t know that this gift is a gift for mom too (we won’t tell!). These bibs are made of 100% silicone and are so easy to clean. Moms love the “crumb catcher” because it means less mess on the floor! Babies love the comfortable design and fun colors. These are also dishwasher safe!
Price: $22

Copper Pearl Bandana Bibs
These modern bandana bibs are perfect for teething babies! They keep baby’s clothes dry, while sporting fun and fashionable designs. Adjustable snaps allow bibs to fit baby up to 36 months. These are my favorite bibs for my little one!
Price: $19.95

HAPE Garden Stacker
This fun and colorful toy is so much fun for self sitters! The colors and shapes help keep baby’s interest, and the stackable variations are great for baby’s fine motor skills. 

Mirari myPhone
In this day and age, technology plays such an important role in our lives. This fun toy is great for babies who want to have a phone to play with as well. Fun sounds and lights capture baby’s attention. The most fun feature about this phone is the ability to record and play back a message! Babies love to hear a familiar voice while playing with this adorable phone! Parents can activate the play back message with remote from across the room. Babies certainly have endless playtime with the myPhone!
Price: $19.99


Fat Brain PipSquigz
This is a fantastic toy to stimulate baby’s developing brain! These silicone suction cup toys will suction to flat surfaces, and also rattle and POP! The color, texture, and versatile movement holds baby’s attention for endless play. These toys can be played with in the high chair or stroller, on a table or floor. Any smooth surface will work! Shapes push and stick together in a variety of ways. There are endless possibilities with PipSquigz! I love that babies won’t quickly outgrow the PipSquigz, so they will continue to be played with for years to come. The little one in your life is going to LOVE them!
Price: $19.95

If your baby is like mine, he loves the sound of your keys! He is always reaching for them and wants to play with them. Seems harmless, right? Think again! Your keys not only are pointy and unsafe for baby’s mouth, but they also contain lead! Kleynimals are the best replacement for real keys. They are safe for babies, while still making the same sound as regular keys that babies love. These are made of food-grade stainless steel, so they are dishwasher safe. They are also made in the USA and can be engraved. 
Price: $35

Wendy is a breastfeeding, baby wearing mother of four. She lives in central Illinois where she blogs at

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