Have You Seen the New Warning Labels on Ring Slings?

Have You Seen the New Warning Labels on Ring Slings?

Erin Burt


ring slingIf you use a soft-structured carrier, you’ve already seen the warning labels on those for years and years. But if you’re in the market for a new ring sling you’ll want to know about some new legislation.

If you buy a new sling manufactured after January 2018, you’ll find this new warning label at the top of your sling near the rings. If you get a new sling in the next year or so; I wouldn’t be surprised if your sling hasn’t gotten the new label.  Some stores haven’t gotten new stock yet, but I would expect more and more new labeled slings to be cropping up as time goes on.  

Since the new legislation went into effect, I’ve been checking the Facebook groups for Sakura Bloom slings. The new labels are placed at the top of the sling near the rings. They’re super soft, and since they end up on your shoulder, you don’t notice them at all while you’re wearing your little baby. The purpose of the new warning labels is to help users to quickly see some basics (or remember some basics) about using a ring sling safely and effectively.

When I started using a ring sling, I didn’t have any idea how to use it properly, and completely failed at figuring out how to keep her head in the right place. I learned the best thing to do is to find an experienced baby wearer to help you out. There’s likely someone in a local baby wearing group who would love to help you with the basics. If you like to learn the basics yourself, here are some great videos for helping you to learn how to use your ring sling at any age. 

Threading your ring sling

Newborn ring sling basics

Hip carries with a toddler

I hope you love your new ring sling, and I hope these labels do their job, and empower you to baby wear with confidence and know that you’re safely enhancing your relationship with your little one! 

Jenny Ditch is a baby wearing mom of a toddler in Illinois and uses a ring sling to get some chores done around the kitchen when her little girl wants to “help” with dinner

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