Have You Tried the Tripp Trapp?

Have You Tried the Tripp Trapp?

Erin Burt

A few months ago, my independent, strong-willed one-year-old decided she was too cool for high chairs. I knew this moment would come, as it did with my other children. However, Audrey is much more strong willed and being the baby of the family, she sees the need to do whatever her big siblings do. Long story short, she’s too small for the big table chairs and we are a family of 5 with 4 chairs. The answer for this problem is Stokke’s tripp trapp.

I’ve seen posts about tripp trapps before and I thought they were interesting but wasn’t sure I needed one. Momma, we need these.

Tripp trapps come in a variety of fun colors. There is an aqua blue, white, hazy gray, walnut, lava orange, soft pink, there's so many choices. But for us, the answer was the natural color. It matches my kitchen table perfectly. If you like fun prints, Stokke makes colorful and vibrant cushions you can use with your tripp trapp. This is definitely me.

These unique high chairs have been around since 1972. They are designed to put baby at your table, so they feel included in dinnertime fun. Tripp trapps are adjustable in depth and height. These chairs are not just for babies. They can hold a 300 pound adult!

Stokke makes a baby set that can compliment your tripp trapp, as well as a tray. These also come in a variety of colors. The chairs include a 5-point harness for safety. Audrey needs this. They are easy to clean, unlike conventional high chairs. The paint used is water-based and not toxic, so momma can rest easy.

These chairs are awesome. The only downfall for me was the price. They run around $250, but they last for years and years. The chairs can grow with your child, so someday they can even take their tripp trapp to their dorm room or apartment. I have also heard of using these chairs if you like to go camping. They’re portable.

So if you’re looking for a new high chair solution, or expanding your family and don’t want to buy a new table, consider the Stokke tripp trapp. I’m so glad it was a good fit for my family.

Karyn Meyerhoff lives and writes in Arkansas where she is excited for her kids to use their tripp trapp for years to come.

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