Helping Moms who Struggle

Helping Moms who Struggle

Erin Burt


Moms face a lot of unnecessary stress these days. Between the normal parenting woes of dealing with their baby’s needs, toddler tantrums, and just trying to survive; now moms face the constant fear of mom shaming.

I’m going to file this one under “Things our parents never dealt with,” along with fears of artificial preservatives, and dealing with coats and car seats! Seriously, aren’t we bombarded with things that require our attention far more than hating on other moms who are just trying keep everyone alive and make it through the day? The next time you see a mom having a hard time, try to think of a way to make the situation better.

Here are a few ideas:

Let the mom go to the front of the line. Dealing with tiny humans and lines is a recipe for disaster. If you’ve got the opportunity to enable that struggling momma to get further in line, please do it!  

Offer to help her unload her cart in the line at the store. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is when someone offers to help me unload my cart at the store. I’m usually balancing a baby in a carrier, a wallet, and then also trying to get all of my supplies out of the cart.  It’s a recipe for struggles! Give that momma a break and help her get that cart emptied.

Say something encouraging. Give her a compliment, or remind her she’s not alone.  Lots of people just need to remember they’re not alone and the world isn’t judging them. Everyone wants to know they’re part of a community and that people are on their team. A little understanding goes a long way!  

If there’s a mom in your life going through a hard time, offer to come over to her house and help out. Ask to wash her dishes, or watch her kids while she takes a relaxing shower. Offer to babysit for a few hours while she runs some errands. If she lives far away, send her something special, or deliver a pizza to her house at supper time. If she won't take help, do it anonymously.  

Moms have a hard road to walk these days with all the regulations, expectations, and opinions bombarding them day after day. Let’s take every opportunity we have to show love and spread joy wherever we go.

Jenny Ditch lives with her husband and daughter in Illinois and is especially thankful that she’s got a great mom village to help her navigate life.

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