How Babywearing Saved My Sanity

How Babywearing Saved My Sanity

Erin Burt

I recently had my fourth baby, and my older children are five, seven, and nine. I quickly realized that our “on the go” lifestyle wasn’t going to slow down simply because we added a new baby. Our calendar was filled with sports and extra curricular activities, and field trips and class parties. Toting around a bulky stroller would rarely be an option.

The easiest way for me to keep up with my big kids while caring for my baby was wearing him. I fell in love with two carriers, and I alternate between the two of them depending on the situation.

Ring Sling Carrier

The Sakura Bloom ring sling has been my go-to sling, especially when I needed my little guy to nap. I love how snug he feels in the sling, mimicking his experience in the womb. It takes up very little space, so it is easily packed into a diaper bag. Whether it’s around the house, at church, or even at a Parent-Teacher Conference, the sling continues to be a lifesaver as I wear my little guy to the many places we need to go. He almost always falls asleep in it, which is just an added bonus!

Soft Structured Carrier

Other situations call for a different babywearing option, such as a soft structured carrier. Examples of this type of carrier include the Ergo, Beco and Boba carriers. This carrier offers support and comfort for baby, while its straps provide ergonomic comfort for me for longer periods of wearing. You also have the option to back wear with these carriers, which allows for more range of motion if you need your hands. My SSC has saved the day when I needed to be at multiple soccer games, field trips to the apple orchard, and many other places my little guy needs to tag along with his big sisters, especially places strollers can’t go! 

My carriers have allowed me to stay active with my big kids, and freed up my hands to be able to help them out when needed, unlike pushing a stroller. Not only is it proven to increase the bond between mom and baby, but it makes parenting baby in addition to big kids much easier!

Wendy is a baby wearing, breastfeeding mother of four who lives in central Illinois and blogs at 

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