How to Ditch the Diaper Bag When You Still Have Kids in Diapers

How to Ditch the Diaper Bag When You Still Have Kids in Diapers

Erin Burt

When you have one baby, a diaper bag can be an exciting purchase. I have three little ones, and I can’t tell you how many diaper bags I have used through the years. From Thirty-One to Ju-ju-be, I have tried many that I have loved and many that I have despised. But recently, I felt a new sense of freedom. I decided to ditch the diaper bag.

Now, this is crazy because I have three children who still need extra outfits, diapers, pull-ups, snacks, sippy cups, etc. But, what about me? I started to feel like I was carrying a suitcase around. I could never find a bag that was big enough. I could never find a bag that wouldn’t lose everything in it and cause me anxiety in a checkout line when I couldn’t find the right pouch or snack during a tantrum.

So, I decided to ditch the diaper bag. I discovered there are other bags out there that are amazing and still functional. I also started keeping a car bag in my trunk. This bag has extra diapers, extra clothes, my nursing cover, coats for my kids, and drinks for all three. I am learning that it’s okay to pack my bag for different days. It doesn’t always have to be packed and ready to go.

When you decide to get a smaller bag, remember to stick to the essentials. I try to ask myself if I really need the items in my diaper bag. Here are two of my favorite bags right now. While they are still made by companies who make diaper bags, they are chic, adorable, and worth losing the big baby bag for.

  1. Ju-ju-be Mini Be:

This bag has been a game changer for me. Yes, it looks like a child’s backpack. But, it’s so much more. The mini-be can hold so much and still be so light. I found that the essentials I need day-to-day easily fit into this bag. It is machine washable, so if I spill a snack, there’s no issue. The bag doesn’t take up too much space in the car, in the shopping cart, or in the stroller. The best part about this bag is it is comfortable and not bulky to wear while babywearing. The prints are adorable for Ju-ju-be. I have this bag in Sea Punk and get lots of compliments on it. The best part is that someday I will most likely pass it on to Johanna to use. This bag retails for $75.00. It is worth every penny. It’s so fun

  1. Little Unicorn Brookside Tote:

This bag is chic and stylish. The pomegranate color is beautiful. While it is still a diaper bag in many ways, this bag doesn’t scream “mommy.” It is easily a large purse that you can use for kids or for you. It has a ton of pockets- 8 total. It does include a changing pad and stroller straps, but they can be left behind, too. Large totes are very trendy and this bag just looks like a big purse. It’s beautiful in person and functional, too. It retails for $75.00.

So, mommas, what’s in your diaper bag? If it’sfeeling bulky as your kids grow and multiply, ditch it! Invest in a bag that makes you happy and don’t feel like you have to have everything for everyone all of the time. We’re all doing the best we can. We may as well look cute, too.

Karyn Meyerhoff is a mom of three in Arkansas where she loves purses and switches them out often.

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