How to DIY Newborn Photos

Erin Burt

Capturing those first few days of the life your newborn with precious photos is something that we all want to do and if missed, can be something we regret. But professional photographers can be pricey. Although they do an amazing job and are professionals for a reason, sometimes the funds just aren’t there. Even if you don’t have a fancy camera, there is so much that can be done with the camera on our smartphone (thanks Instagram filters!). Here are some tips to get some snaps of your little one that you can cherish forever.

Make a Home Photo Studio
Put a favorite blanket over the couch so it covers the seat and the back and you’ve created your backdrop.

Lighting is Everything
Avoid turning on the overhead lights or bringing in an extra lamp. Instead, use the room in your house where you have the most natural light coming through. If you don’t have a window, depending on the time of year, you can even work in your garage with the door open to let the sunlight flood in. You want soft light everywhere, not harsh light that makes shadows.

Capture the Tiny Details
Whether it’s the tiny toes, the littlest hands in the world or those perfect little lips, these up close shots are very easy to take and are something sweet to look back on months (and years) down the road.

Reposition yourself Instead of the Baby
If your sleepy newborn is looking cozy and you want to try for some different pics, walk around them to try to get different angles and lighting. Even take the picture from the side that has a shadow because, what have you got to lose? You never know how a photo will turn out! 

Make the most of contrast
It helps if the colors you are using for props or your baby’s clothes are in contrast with whatever color backdrop you choose to help everything stand out more.

Use Props
We used a stuffed rabbit in her newborn photos that we continued to use for each monthly milestone picture and it was a fun way to see her grow. Another idea is to head to your local thrift shop and see if you can pick up any artsy picture frames. With baby in the middle, it makes for a great and very simple photo.

However you choose to do it, try to get some newborn photos because for some reason babies have to grow and looking back at how tiny they were will melt your heart.

Lisa is a babywearing, breastfeeding, cloth-diapering mama who had to open up an Amazon Prime account to store the mass amounts of photos she took after her daughter was born.

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