I'm Not In Amazing Shape, But I Don't Care Right Now

I'm Not In Amazing Shape, But I Don't Care Right Now

Abbie @ MMB1 comment

I could use the excuse that over the last few years, my midsection has become far more familiar with pregnancy, labor, and delivery than planks, but that wouldn’t necessarily be true.

See, I am a #sortoffitmom. I have run two half-marathons (one within a few weeks of my youngest daughter’s first birthday). I can do pull-ups. I rarely run out of energy. I eat mostly homemade, real foods and try to incorporate plenty of fruits and veggies.

But, ab muscles? Nope. Not even kind of. My diastasis recti is in FULL force over here, thanks to birthing three kids in four years. I’ve passed on all of my former fitted shirts in favor of flowy tops that hide my post-baby pooch. And, you know what?

I kind of don’t care.

Sure, it would be nice to waltz into a store and grab a shirt without trying it on, as I did in my pre-mom days. And it would be easier to take family pictures without considering camera angles or strategically placed toddlers. But, it’s okay. I’ve seen what it takes to whittle down to a flat stomach and, I really don’t have it in me. So much of my life requires planning and intentionality--parenting my children, planning for homeschooling, investing time in my marriage, budgeting, meal planning, etc. I don’t have it in me to also incorporate low-carb meals, heavier weights, more time at the gym and visits with a trainer.

And it’s okay.

I’m choosing to do other things. I read. A LOT. I really enjoy reading. I’m sure I could forego my reading time in favor of bench presses or hang cleans, but I likely won’t. Also? I really love baking. And, somehow, I don’t see myself magically exhibiting some fierce oblique muscles after sharing one of my favorite homemade bagels with my 5-year-old.

And it’s okay.

Maybe, someday, I’ll be a #fitmom. And that’ll be great. Or, maybe I won’t. And that’ll be great. If you are one of those hot moms with the physique of an Olympian, that’s amazing. I am proud of you and cheering you on. But it’s not me.

And it’s okay.

For now, I’m perfectly content being a #healthymom. And, now, I think it’s time to bake some muffins.

Kara Garis is a cloth diapering, baby wearing, semi-crunchy mama to two active boys and a baby girl. She lives with her husband in Oklahoma and loves running, cooking, traveling, reading and teaching herself how to braid. She blogs at karagaris.com.

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Caitlin Hennessey

I am even less of a sorta fit mom but I can still relate to this very much. There are only so many hours in the day, and we simply can’t do everything even if we really want to. At the end of the day, my family doesn’t care if I have a squishy tummy, and while I wish I looked better every time I look in the mirror, ultimately I don’t care very much either. I would rather spend my time with my kids than doing hard core work outs so I can have abs. Not having a trim waist doesn’t mean I don’t care about my body, and it also doesn’t get in the way of me being a good mother and wife.

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