It’s Too Hot Outside: Where Can I Take My Kids For Fun?

It’s Too Hot Outside: Where Can I Take My Kids For Fun?

Erin Burt

If your kid is anything like mine, they would live outside if you let them. It’s a fight to get her to come back inside the house. So you can see where the hot summer months present a problem. I want her to be able to get some outdoor time but also don’t want her to melt in the process!

Summertime is such a fun time of year but we have to get a little diverse in our activities so she stays entertained. Here are some of our favorite places to go and a quick Google search will let you know where they are in your area:

Splash Pads
If you live in or near a city there is very likely to be a splash pad, if not several, that you can go to. They are generally free, have covered areas with seating, and are a great way for kids to run a little wild and stay cooled down in the process. Check your city’s website to see if there are any local to you.

Indoor Playgrounds
Such a simple and neat idea…take the fun of the playground into an air-conditioned space! When I was a kid the only thing we had was the McDonalds play place but today full-on indoor playgrounds are popping up everywhere from churches to malls to...

Children’s Museums
Whether it is science or natural history a trip to the museum is a great learning experience that can take up most of a day. It’s also worth checking into your local art museum as many have programs for babies and kids of all ages.

Local Library
One of the best resources there is for your little one! There are activities and programs throughout the week for your youngest infant through high school. It provides social time and learning when school is out. Even if you don’t go to a program, the children’s section of the library will usually have a small play area.

With multiple locations everywhere, the pools at the Y are the perfect way to cool off. There are also a lot of programs for kids of all ages throughout the summer months.

Lisa is a mama who knows the struggle of keeping a nature-loving toddler entertained when being outside isn’t always an option.

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