Make a Statement this Halloween

Make a Statement this Halloween

Erin Burt

Sure you could dress up your toddler as a pumpkin, ghost or a witch, but if you’re interested in entertaining the other parents around you and making a statement, use one of these ideas as inspiration for this year’s Halloween festivities!

Feeling a little extra girl power this year? This Buzzfeed article full of feminist costumes are fun, they come with suggestions on costume pieces and seem pretty simple to execute!  Most of us would agree, Halloween is a stressful experience that requires a lot of extra planning. And as busy moms, we always need a low stress costume option and these get bonus points in my book because they’re pretty genius! I love that they're pretty accessible for most parents, and enable parents to make a statement about how they feel about the world today.

Last year’s political costumes were hilarious! Lots of these are pretty easy to put together if you've got a couple of versatile pieces. You can adapt them to the post-election world and still be pretty entertaining to the adults at your local trunk-or-treat.  

Weather has been in the news quite a lot in 2017, these may be adult weather costumes but lots of these could be great inspiration for family costumes or kid costumes.  I’m also a huge fan of this weather man! He’s adorable! Will someone please make an eclipse costume? Just dress up 2 kids--one with a black disk attached to their shirt and the other with a sun attached to their shirt--and have the kid with the black disk walk around in front all night. So fun, and not too hard with some posterboard skills!

If you’re tired of the news, you could always change your creative direction and dress your kids up like characters from your favorite TV show. I’m expecting a few pint-sized Daenerys Targaryens this year, and of course she’ll be accompanied by a host of dragons as well!  

Hopefully at least a few of these gave you some inspiration for your family’s costumes this year, and you will soon be collecting candy with some stylish, sassy, and creatively dressed little munchkins!  

Jenny Ditch lives in Illinois with her husband and daughter and is still procrastinating about committing to halloween costumes this year

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