Making Bath Time Fun

Making Bath Time Fun

Erin Burt


bath timeBath time doesn’t have to be all wash and no play. It can be a time to let your little one explore and learn. Water play is a great sensory activity that promotes brain development. There is much more going on in the bath than just getting clean! There are many great bath toys that encourage sensory play in the bath and help little ones learn while they play.

3-6 Months
At this stage, baby is often able to grip toys and splash around. Soft toys that baby can hold and squeeze are perfect for this age. Rubber duckies seem like a great idea, but don’t you hate the way they allow water to come in and then grow mold inside? That what makes Boon Odd Ducks so amazing! They are colorful and fun, but they don’t have a hole! So they don’t hold water, no mold can grow, and they won’t need to be replaced. Fun for all ages!

6-12 Months
When baby starts to sit up on his own, it opens up a whole new world of play in the bathtub. Boon whistling boats are a fun way to engage the sense of touch, sight, and sound as the boats whistle along when baby plays with them in the tub.

12+ Months
There are endless possibilities with the Boon Bath Pipes and Boon Bath Cogs! Little ones love arranging these in different ways and watching the results when they pour the water through the pipes. With the Boon Cast, toddlers love going “fishing,” and they don’t even realize they are improving their hand/eye coordination as well!

Hape Bath Toys also provide endless fun in the water, while little ones learn and grow.

There are so many great ways to have fun in the bathtub. To make sure your little one stays safe, check out these bath mats to help prevents slips.  Don’t forget to get one of these great pods so you can store all your awesome toys away until next time!

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