MMB July 4 Summer Gift Guide

MMB July 4 Summer Gift Guide

Erin Burt

Summer is here as are the many barbecues with holidays like 4th of July. There are a whole host of summertime goodies ready for you browse at once, but here are the no-brainers, with a dash of July 4th mixed in.

Wetbags. I can not say enough about wetbags. I came to them via cloth diapers but use them more for any number of things. Snack bags are often made of similar waterproof material. I have a large diaper pail and hanging wetbag to use for dirty laundry when we cross-country roadtrip to see family, and smaller wetbags for the pool, beach, and gym.

A great bag for the pool. Or beach. Or park. No matter what your kids’ age, the JuJuBe Super Be folds up small and opens up big for towels and toys and everything in between. Of course JuJuBe has a long line of family friendly backpacks, bags, and pouches. Little Unicorn has a large charming satchel/messenger bag with a strap long enough to cross and keep your hands free. And don’t let the Smart Bottoms Bandicoot, a versatile bag that can attach to your stroller, hip, or any number of other options.

Red, White, and Blue! From bibs to swim suits and hats, headbands to blankets-- for indoor or outdoor-- MMB has you covered with the most patriotic possibilities!

Understated but festive. Perhaps you don’t like the obvious red, white, and blue. Maybe you need something that can span more than summer holidays… You can try stars, watermelon, or summer themes, just to name a few.

Fireworks! POW! Your babe will enjoy fireworks more with a little ear protection. Ems offer a variety of products to do exactly that, and are also useful for ball games, concerts, perhaps even the public restroom where children fret at the flush of a toilet! They fold small and portable, so you can always have them on hand!

Sun and bugs. Perhaps the most obvious for the list, but that’s because you know-- especially with kids-- you should never go anywhere without protection!

Roadtrip! A fantastic time to take a trip, July 4th brings out the roadtrip in us all. Reusable containers, books, and activities, and any variety of toys to get you from A to Z with no fuss and no mess (or… you know… as little mess as possible. You know kids...). 

Happy 4th!

Lynette is a mom of three children from ages 2 to 6. She has cloth diapered all three since birth and enjoys all things eco-friendly and mindful living.

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