Mold-free Pool and Bath Toys

Mold-free Pool and Bath Toys

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Whether it’s outdoor fun or getting ready for bedtime, water toys are a must. The only problem with them is that they can get pretty gross from trapped water and become moldy. Even the most diligent of cleaners aren’t likely to prevent mold from growing because the design of most water toys is a perfect breeding ground for it. And if your child has a mold allergy, playtime can become not so fun.

It isn’t just the traditional squirt toys where water can get trapped, I have seen firsthand mold on the foam letters that stick to the bathroom wall. Luckily there are a lot of super fun and unique water toys that don’t get moldy. They also last a longer because you don’t have to throw them away every few months to replace them.

Boon bath toys are easily cleaned and stay mold free along with inspiring creative play. Boon Pipes are more of a bath time toy where hollow pipes of various shapes stick to the wall and allow kids to design their own waterways. Fat Brain Toys Waddle Bobbers and DripDrip are two more fun ones. The waddlers are cute little guys that go down a slide and then stay afloat while the DripDrip lets your child create a bath waterworks lab!

 Boon Tones Whistling Boats are good for anywhere and each boat has it’s own tone, along with the Boon Stacking Boats that are a simple design with holes that let the water drain to create a little rain effect.  

Boon Marco is a great mold free pool toy. He bobs around at the surface while your little ones swim around with him. He also lights up so can be easily be seen from across the pool. He’s fun to dive down with and race others to catch him first.

One of my daughter’s favorites is the Boon Spurt. These are squirt toys that untwist to get nice and clean! Marcus & Marcus makes another squirt toy that can be taken apart and thoroughly cleaned.

The Hoopla Octopus by Nuby is a ring toss game. The octopus floats at the surface and doesn’t have holes in it to allow trapped water.

It isn’t always possible to get mold free toys, and likely you have toys already. If your pool/bath toys need a good cleaning from being used the previous year, here’s how.

Lisa resides in Oklahoma with her husband, daughter and Boston Terrier, and enjoys exploring all things natural parenting.


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Very informative post .We have been on the lookout for new water & bath toys., these are really amazing toys , I thought of purchasing this bath toy gift set for my baby, after looking at these toys i need to go for a second thought. :) these toys looks as an Ideal for entertaining baby at bath time..

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