Mom's Milk Boutique Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Mom's Milk Boutique Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Erin Burt

Needing some ideas for your special someone?  Here are some of the best MMB products for all of your valentines!


Mantra Band
To remind her of your love

If the lady in your life needs some jewelry she’ll love, that won’t break the bank, try a mantra band.  Choose one that expresses how you feel about her or what you want her to know that will make her busy days more meaningful.  You can’t go wrong with one of these great reminders of your love!

Little Unicorn
For the beautiful flowers in your life

I think any little girl or beautiful mom would love this fantastic outdoor blanket for Valentine’s Day, knowing that their spring will be filled with fun picnics and tea parties on the lawn, and their summer will be filled with beautiful trips to the beach!  


Healing Hazel Necklace
For the little princess

When I was a little girl I always felt left out that mom and grandma got the fancy jewelry for Valentine’s Day.  Make sure your little princess knows she’s special too with this fantastic Baltic amber necklace, not only will she feel special, but it’ll also help relieve pain and inflammation!   

A Rose by Any Other Name Wet Bag
Flowers that never fade
$18 and up

If you’ve got a momma in your life that cloth diapers, look no further than our A Rose by Any Other Name collection for beautiful Valentine’s Day flowers that will never wilt.  Your little one will love the lovey, momma would love a pretty wet bag to remind her of prettier smells than whatever she’s putting in there!  

Taylor’s Lovers Lube
For your Valentine
$17.99 and up

If you’re wanting to heat things up in the bedroom this Valentine’s day, buy some Taylor’s Lover’s Lube.  It’s natural, not sticky and isn’t filled with those strange chemical smells.  

Kickee Pants
Wrapping your baby in love
$12 and up

Every little one needs something special to wear this Valentine’s Day, and we’ve got the softest, most adorable kickee pants outfits.  These outfits are guaranteed to wrap your favorite little in love and softness this Valentine’s day, while being completely adorable at the same time!

For all the little ones in your life
$12.50 and up

When I was little, my dad always got me a stuffed animal for Valentine’s Day.  He felt like it was a great way to give me something sentimental, and still something I could appreciate all year.  I’ve come to associate Valentine’s Day with stuffed animals, I feel like they’re a great way to give your little ones someone to love this Valentine’s Day.  I love this fantastic flamingo for this year!

DaBomb Bath Fizzers
For the one who needs a break

I’m sure you’ve got someone in your life that needs to take a break and relax for a while, why not supply them with some lovely bath bombs!  Sentimental, clever, funny or just plain enjoyable, with a few DaBom Bath Fizzers, you’re sure to make that someone special feel appreciated.

Caramels and Candy
For the sweet tooth
$4.99 and up

Of course Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be complete without some sweets!  Enter our signature Bequet Caramels and new Whimsical Candy!  And don’t worry about your dairy-free Valentine, we’ve got them covered too with our yummy Cocomels. Your valentine will relish the scrumptious treats and since a free caramel comes with every order, be sure to request a flavor you’ll love too!

BabyLit Classics
For the budding bookworm
$9.99 and up

My girl loves books!  Valentine's Day is a great time to introduce your little bibliophile to a classic they can really sink their teeth into!  BabyLit books are classic books reimagined for the tiniest of readers.  With classics like Romeo and Juliet, Pride and Prejudice, and Emma, you’ll be able to share some classic romance with even your tiniest little book worms!

We hope you’ve gotten a few great ideas to show your love to all the valentines in your life, and if these haven’t made your heart sing, be sure to check out our Valentine’s Day gift guide for more lovely ideas!

Jenny Ditch lives with her husband and daughter in Illinois and is excited to show them love this Valentine’s day. 

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