My C-Section Story

My C-Section Story

Erin Burt

My first pregnancy was nine years ago, and it and resulted in an emergency c-section. I faced that delivery with anxiety and defeat, because I had not written c-section in my birth plan. Unfortunately, baby girl was in distress, and a c-section was necessary. 

Many have had successful v-bacs, but that wasn’t an option in my situation. So between 2008 and 2012 I had three c-section deliveries (all girls!). So when surprise baby number four came along five years later, we knew he would be delivered by c-section as well due to the risks involved under my circumstances. Baby boy was due March 15, and the doctor scheduled him to be delivered on March 8. 

I didn’t love the idea of scheduling our baby’s birthday, so I was pleasantly surprised when my water broke at 4:30 am three days before he was scheduled to arrive. I had no contractions, so I knew I was not yet in active labor. I chose not to wake up my family. Instead, I got up and finished folding laundry (I was a mom of three who is about to spend a few days in the hospital. Somebody had to do it!) 

I finally woke my husband up around 6:30 am. He jumped into action and installed our infant car seat, which was still in the box. I contacted our friend who was on call to care for our three older children, and she headed our house. After I took a shower, it was time to wake up my girls and let them know the exciting news: BABY BROTHER WAS COMING EARLY!

I threw together a bag (I wasn’t packed yet!), and hugged and kissed my girls. Then we were off to the hospital. I cried the whole way there, knowing the stress and chaos that often comes with newborns, how hard breastfeeding can be, and the sleepless nights were in my near future. I was overwhelmed with emotions and anxiety, feeling unprepared to handle all those things again, in addition to parenting three big kids.

After arriving, everything happened so fast. I still wasn’t contracting, which in my case was good. Before I knew it, I was being asked a number of questions, while having monitors attached to my pregnant belly. Soon baby boy was here, and I could hear him and see him. All of my fear and anxiety was gone, because this healthy, beautiful boy was here.

While I wouldn’t have chosen a c-section if it were up to me, bringing a baby into the world is a scary process no matter how it happens. Regardless of how baby arrives, it is worth all the anxiety, discomfort, and pain just to hold that little one in your arms for the very first time. 

Wendy is a breastfeeding, baby wearing mother of four who lives in central Illinois where she blogs at

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