Otteroo Review

Otteroo Review

Erin Burt3 comments

I was scrolling through Facebook when I saw a post from one of my friends commemorating her son’s 3-month birthday. As one of his likes, she listed The Otteroo as his favorite. I looked it up, and to me it looked terrifying but the baby in the picture sure looked happy. So did all of the other babies using it that were on YouTube. It’s for infants at least 8 weeks old, and as my daughter was now of age I decided I’d give it a whirl.

The Otteroo is a blow-up ring that has two clasps on the back to secure it in place. I’ll admit that I put it around my neck first to see if it would be too tight (it wasn’t). Getting it around her neck wasn’t that easy by myself. When I did manage to get it on, she looked comfortable in it and I could feel her little neck wasn’t being squished. With the Otteroo attached and ready to go, I filled up the bathtub and got in with her to be able to help her out. My husband was skeptical of the whole venture and honestly was quite surprised that I was trying it out on our infant daughter.

After a few minutes I felt comfortable enough to get out and give her more space to move around while I leaned in and followed her around with my arms, just in case. Once she had the whole tub to herself, she didn’t really kick and splash around like I had hoped. In reality she looked a little annoyed that I still had it on her (you can see the look on her face). Even though in most of the pictures and videos I looked up it was being used in a standard bathtub, she didn’t seem to have enough room to move around and her feet kept hitting on the bottom. I would say that in a Jacuzzi tub or in a pool, she might get a lot more out of it. It did make bath time easier for me because I didn’t have to reach under her slippery little body in the infant tub to clean her back.

I’m not a fan of this as an everyday bath solution, but it works, and it would probably work better in a pool. I wouldn’t let her swim in this without me having my arms just inches away from her body, but I really like the freedom and motor skill development that she could get from it. Come summer time, I’ll try it out again.

Lisa is a breastfeeding, baby wearing, stay-at-home mom of a 6-week old baby girl. She loves running, yoga, video games, craft beer and hopes to one day see those things again when the new mommy fog lifts!

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Thanks for posting this I’m wondering if you left a review on the Otteroo website. It’s strange to me that there are only 100’s of 5 star reviews that all sound similar as if written by the same person.


This is very dangerous I used it on my baby in the bathtub and within minutes she started choking. It was very scary. Absolutely do not recommend


It’s 2020, and I am reading this review because I too found a picture on my friend’s Facebook and became interested in the product. I’m curious, how did it work in a pool? My son loves to kick in the bathtub and this would be a wonderful solution to giving him more room! How long did it fit her? I’m worried my son may be too chunky.

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