Parenting Advice for Dads from The Rock

Parenting Advice for Dads from The Rock

Erin Burt

We all love Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, but after the birth of his baby girl, we love him even more. Here are four ways he is winning at parenting.

He Understands the Importance of Skin to Skin
In 2015, The Rock posted on Instagram a photo of a sweet moment he shared with his new baby girl Jasmine. He shared how important skin-to-skin contact is with a newborn, and it was an amazing bonding experience for him and his new little girl. 

He Values and Encourages Women
Johnson often shares on social media how much he values the women in his life. After his daughter’s delivery, he encourages men to “walk through the fire” with their partners. He shared that he was present for delivery, and praised his partner’s strength and beauty. His description of how he coached her through delivery was beautiful and a great example to other dads out there.

He isn’t Afraid of Poopy Diapers
He also doesn’t pass the buck on stinky diapers. The Rock isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty, and he has shared many instances of dirty diaper situations. He just handles it like a boss. 

He Dates His Daughters
The relationship between a father and daughter is an important one, and Johnson takes that responsibility seriously. He sets a fantastic example of how dads should be intentional about spending quality time with their girls. 

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