Peanut: A New Way to Meet Moms

Peanut: A New Way to Meet Moms

Erin Burt

So a few weeks ago, my good friend from Indiana sent me an invite to a new app called Peanut. She told me it was basically like a dating app for moms. Since I am relatively new to my area and always looking for moms to hang out with, I downloaded it right away.

Peanut begins with you creating a small about section to a profile. You can put your kids in so you can find other moms with children the same age. It then allows you to pick some words that describe you. For me, I did “hot mess,” “mom boss,” and “sleep deprived.” Duh. I mean, what else would I choose? You can find moms who you share these lovely qualities with. Then, you can add a photo or 2 or 3 to show you or your tribe. You can add a bio, occupation, work life, education, and even languages you speak if you want to keep adding more information to your profile.

While I really enjoyed creating my profile and searching for other moms in my area, this is where the fun stopped for me.

Sadly, I live in an area where there was just one mom besides me on Peanut. She wasn’t a great match for me, so I didn’t reach out to her. You can easily search for moms near you, and when I did this I found several moms within an hour or so from me.

Once you find a mom you would like to connect with, you can say hi or start a conversation. I am not the best at technology, and I didn’t feel like this app gave me a good introduction in how to use it. I found myself swiping through all of these profiles of other moms. Well, come to find out, swiping up means you are waving and saying “hi.” Oops. I guess I am the extra friendly mom on Peanut.

I would love to be able to use this app to find me a perfect mom match. You know, someone to go to the park with, meet for coffee, let our kids play together, etc. However, I don’t think it is the best fit. I am hoping other moms have success and make great friends on Peanut. I think I will stick to my friends near and far for now, and just keep hitting the park. 

Karyn Meyerhoff is a mom of three in Arkansas where she misses her mom friends in Indiana and Illinois like crazy.

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