Protecting Baby Feet in the Summertime

Protecting Baby Feet in the Summertime

Erin Burt

Finally spring weather is here! Flowers are in bloom and poolside fun is around the corner. Hello naked baby feet in all their squishy glory! That said, summer brings unique considerations for those cute little tootsies.

Remember socks for the littlest ones who might be barefoot more often. It may be hot outside, but indoors with the a/c can get quite chilly. Give feet a touch every so often so you can feel for the coldness that comes long before bluish feet. Use natural-fiber thin socks for coverage as needed on infants. You may also consider socks with SPF power!

Cold isn’t the only thing baby feet need protection from. Baby’s feet also need protection from the sun. Don’t forget them when you put on the sunscreen. If the feet are covered before going into the sun, put on more sunscreen to ensure adequate coverage for anything absorbed or rubbed off by the shoes and socks. Sandals also don’t offer full coverage and sunscreen can help protect uncovered skin.

Consider sturdy shoes. Sandals are adorable, but many of them (especially those made for girls) are not adventure-ready. Flip flops can easily fall off, slip, and trip.

Every summer we buy a pair of salt water sandals because they are sturdy, generally slip-proof, and long-lasting. Any sandals that offer a rubber or slip-resistant sole, coverage on top, and a strap around the ankle can help offer secure assurance that your child’s feet are summer comfy and safe.

The bottom of your feet may seldom see the sun but they need protection in the hot months too. Check the grass for bees, bugs and stickers before letting your babes roam free shoe-less. Be weary of concrete as it heats up quickly.

We are also in for a record-setting season for ticks, so check your kids from the feet up when they have been playing in tall grass. Ticks look a lot like small spiders before they are attached, and can easily be mistaken for a mole after attaching. 

Be creative with coverage! You may think of baby legs as cool-weather staples, but they are great for the summer and versatile for many indoor/outdoor needs. Babylegs can cover the foot and leg to help protect from the sun (though they are usually not SPF-filled, so beware), protect from rough surfaces, and keep cool legs cool when you go indoors for the afternoon.

Cheers to warmer weather and baby fun!

Lynette is a mom of three children from ages two to six. She has cloth diapered all three since birth and enjoys all things eco-friendly and mindful living.

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