Smartbottoms 101

Smartbottoms 101

Erin Burt

After several years diapering with mostly pockets, then flats and covers, I indulged myself in the world of all-in-ones (AIOs). I avoided them originally, for reasons I can’t recall. As I’ve seen and used most all in the major brands in the cloth diapering world, I’m so glad to have taken the leap and tried a Smart Bottoms Smart One 3.1 (AIO) two years ago.

A family-owned company based in Michigan, everything Smart Bottoms is made in the United States. They utilize hemp and certified organic cotton. Christy and Geoff Malone, owners, are invested in a conscientious and passionate pursuit to provide quality, effective, locally made, sustainable products. They are, as they say, seriously smart, surprisingly simple.

The first of their four diaper styles is the all-in-one I purchased, the Smart One 3.1. It touts four rows of rise snaps, encased elastic (decreasing rub on babe’s thighs if that is an issue for your babe), and an adjustable snake insert attached to the back. The 3.1 comes with 10 layers of organic cotton tailorable for a girl or boy, belly or back sleeper, from 8 to 35 pounds. Their Too Smart cover offers a similar fit as their 3.1 AIO but with the versatility of using any variety of prefolds, flats, or inserts inside.

The other AIO option they offer is the Born Smart newborn. With four layers of organic cotton sewn in, a snap-in insert with an additional four layers, and a pocket for additional absorbency, these diapers offer diverse longevity for babies 6 to 16 pounds.

Most recently they’ve added the Dream Diaper to the mix, a no-prep AIO treated with hydrogen peroxide to expedite prepping. (The 3.1 is known for taking a number of washes before fully absorbent as many natural fiber diapers are.) The diaper boasts being even more absorbent than the beloved 3.1 because it has hemp in addition to organic cotton. The diaper comes with absorbency within the shell and with an insert as well AND a pocket to add absorbency if desired.

Smart Bottoms has a line of prints and colors in their normal lineup, some with fun-colored snaps that pop! They also offer specialty colors and prints in collaboration with single stores or events (like MommyCon). This year they will even introduce a little batch of small loveys, fur babies (animal shaped lovey), and snuggle lux blankets at MommyCon.

But that’s not all folks! They have a line of diaper accessories, including organic cotton and hemp/cotton inserts and boosters, smart fold prefolds, reusable and biodegradable liners, wipes, ‘lil training pants, pail liners, and both sized on-the-go and hanging wet bags (and even hooks for the wetbags)!

To round out all of your baby needs, Smart Bottoms also offers the ‘Lil Swimmer, bibs, sandwich bags, doll carriers, convertible nursing scarves, and even beach and snuggly blankets! For the car they provide a prefold-thin seat saver to hold small accidents or messes from seeping into your car’s seats, strollers, high chairs, and more.

And to hold all this made-in-the-US, generally organic goodness, try a haversack on for size, their bag that can be adjusted with a quick tie and worn many ways. Smart Bottoms—seriously smart, surprisingly simple.

Lynette is a mom of three children from one year to age five. She has cloth diapered all three since birth and enjoys all things eco-friendly and mindful living.

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