Surviving Toddlers When Your Baby Doesn’t Sleep

Surviving Toddlers When Your Baby Doesn’t Sleep

Erin Burt

I feel like this blog is my life right now. I currently have a 14-month-old little girl who doesn’t sleep at night. She has never slept well, and the past month has been the worst. She wakes to nurse at least 4-5x a night and mommy is sleepy. I also have a 3 and 5 year old, so sleeping and being lazy isn’t always an option for me. So how do you survive when your baby doesn’t sleep and you still have to mom on with your other kids?  Here are some things I’ve learned through my journey.

Coffee is your BFF
I’ve always loved coffee, but motherhood has brought a new appreciation to coffee in my life. When I wake up, I need my coffee. I am dangerous if I don’t have coffee before we go out in public. I have been known to lose my patience in Walmart. After school, coffee is my friend again. While we make it through the afternoon hours post nap, I need another cup. Find your BFF. Maybe it is coffee. For some moms, it’s tea like this yummy Anna Naturals. For one of my friends, it’s soda and she prefers coke from Sonic.

Get some help when you can
When friends offer to watch my kids, I usually am bashful and nervous. I appreciate the offer but I’m a control freak and don’t always allow people in or to help me. But momma, this is survival time. Let a friend watch your kids for a few hours. Take a nap. Go to the store alone. Do whatever you need to do to save your sanity. I have a blessing of a friend named Amanda here where I live. We often swap babysitting. I’ve gone shopping for jeans alone. I’ve cleaned my house. I’ve laid on the couch and watched “Price is Right.” Get the help and then reward the person with some yummy caramels or another delicious treat.

Don’t suffer in silence
If you are reaching your breaking point with no sleep, tell someone. Don’t hide it from your spouse or partner. I find myself losing my mind at times with no sleep, and I am thankful that I can vent to my spouse in these moments of crazy. If you need some help for your little one, try a teething rub like Balm Baby or invest in a sleep strategy book to help you figure out what to do to keep your sanity and help your family get some rest.

So, mommas, I hope this blog finds you rested and bright-eyed. I am living off my second cup of coffee today while entertaining my kids. I love them, and I know someday they will all sleep all night and not need mommy in the night. For now, Starbucks and Daniel Tiger will be my trusted helpmates.

Karyn Meyerhoff is a mom of three in Arkansas where she naps when she can and nurses her baby girl in the night on demand. Still.

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