Team Green: We're Waiting to Find Out!

Team Green: We're Waiting to Find Out!

Abbie @ MMB

I never had any intentions of knowing the gender of my baby before she was born.  I decided that about 7 years ago. One of my friends had her baby shower for her little girl and it was an avalanche of pink! I’m not a fan of pink, and I realized that if I knew the gender of my baby before the shower and it was a girl I’d have way more pink that I could handle! So when it came time to have our first baby, I was happily on team green! It was a fun experience for us.

Here are some of my favorite parts of it.

Disappointing the Stranger Behind You in Line at Target
From the moment we announced our pregnancy everyone started asking, “When do you find out?” I’d say, “I’m due August 20th,” or “I’m not finding out the gender until the baby gets here.” At this point, they were quite annoyed, and would regularly say something like, “You’re killing me!” I’d think, “Seriously? You’re dying right now?”  

It's a Surprise No Matter When You Find Out
Sometimes I would get “Oh my! There is no way I could do that!” and I’d think, “Well, that’s good, because you’re not doing it.” Others would say, “How can you wait?” And I’d say “Well, people have waited to know the gender of their babies for hundreds and thousands of years, it’s no big deal.” The questions and exaggerated statements never ended. 

The Predictions (Spoiler Alert: it's a 50/50 shot)
My favorite part of being on Team Green was the predictions! I had multiple friends tell me some version of this story: “You are definitely having a boy! My great-grandmother always knew the gender of every baby, and I got her gift, and I just know you’re having a boy! I have never been wrong.”

The predictions didn’t tell a clear story. The heart rate was right in between, the Chinese baby calendar went one way, and the ring test went the other way. I always happily told people that the whole time our parents were pregnant with us, everyone thought I was a boy, and my husband was a girl, so I didn’t expect our kid to follow any rules of pregnancy convention. It ended up that ⅔ of people thought my daughter was a boy. And yes, that friend whose great grandmother had “the gift” and “always knew,” well, she never mentioned it again after my girl arrived. I still chuckle when I think about it!

I loved being on team green, it’s a great surprise! If you’re on the fence about joining team green, just do it! You’re going to love it!

Jenny Ditch lives in Illinois with her husband and daughter and joined team green mostly because she hates all things pink.  


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