Teething Aids from Mom's Milk Boutique

Teething Aids from Mom's Milk Boutique

Erin Burt

Teething: the drooling, fussing, gnawing-on-everything season of life usually beginning around three months.

I am currently working through baby  number two's teething stage, and it has been a delight! I don't say that sarcastically either. Teething may be daunting, but once you know what tools are available, it can be easier.

Mom's Milk Boutique has three main categories of teething aids to discover and utilize too.

Category 1: Baltic Amber Necklaces

Baltic amber necklaces are amazing! Amber contains "analgesic properties" which help the pain associated with teething. MMB also provides combinations.

Hazelwood is an anti-inflammatory which combined with the analgesic property of the amber is great for baby's sore gums. Gem stones, like amethyst or jasper, have various healing energies associated with them.

The key is to pick an appropriate size which will lay against baby's skin and not be loose enough for baby to gnaw on.

Category 2: Teething Toys

Since amber necklaces are not chewing appropriate, MMB has a fantastic toy section for your baby's gnawing delight. A few great options include:

  • Buddie: a vanilla flavored silicone toy (that smells amazing!)
  • LouLou Lollipop: silicone and wood teethers in classic colors and shapes
  • Sharky brush: a silicone "tooth" brush which encourages oral care
  • Boon Pulp Silicone Feeders: to freeze soft foods for baby to chew on and to help numb the gums
  • SweeTooth: icecream shaped teetherss in two different sizes that can be frozen. These also come in a variety of smells
  • Chewbeads: silicone jewelry, paci-clips, and toys that are stylish and fun
  • Finn+Emma: fair trade wooden teethers sometimes doubled with organic cotton

They also have other options like Silli Chews, Haba, Fat Brain, and more!

Category 3: Homeopathic Medications

If amber necklaces and teething toys aren't cutting it, some homeopathic remedies are also available at MMB.

  • Balm Baby! Bye-Bye Teething, Hello Sleep! is a tincture which comes in a vinegar base and a glycerin base. It contains catnip and chamomile.
  • Balm Baby! Teething Rub is great by itself or in combination with the Bye-Bye Teething, Hello Sleep! to rub on baby's gums. It "helps alleviate swelling, pain, and inflammation" and also uses catnip and chamomile.
  • Camilia Teething Relief is a liquid oral packet for babies 1 month + which helps with pain and inflammation. Its main ingredient is chamomile.

Teething can be a breeze if you have the right tools. Keep in mind that all teething items should be monitored carefully, and homeopathic remedies should be confirmed with your pediatrician since they count as a medication. Otherwise, good luck, and have fun picking out the perfect items for you and your little one!

Anne Vana is a nurse working in Carbondale, IL. She is married to her best friend and mother to two boys.

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