The Best Breastfeeding Products

The Best Breastfeeding Products

Erin Burt

You always hear how breastfeeding is one of the most natural things that you can do, but most women that have done it can almost certainly attest that it is not without its difficulties. Although the process can just be simply about your breast and your baby, a little help and comfort along the way isn’t a bad thing.

Stressing about your supply is a bad cycle to get in; the more you stress, the less you can produce, causing you more stress. Getting a lactation boost can help. Boobie Bars are both delicious and effective. One bar contains your daily dose of milk-boosting herbs and moms who have used them, including myself, swear by it. There is also Milk Makers lactation teas to cozy up with before bed.

Nursing mamas know just how precious every last drop is. The Milk Saver is a hands-free gadget that collects your letdown while your baby is nursing on the opposite side. An alternative, The Haakaa, is designed to be used as a portable, lightweight manual pump. The fact that you can also use it as a pump while you nurse makes collection that much more efficient and I was AMAZED at how much I was able to add to my stash using it.

If you are a working mom and it’s tough to find time to pump, the Willow pump let’s you multi-task. It is innovative, discreet, quiet, hands-free and tracks your volume. It’s pricey at $429.99, but there isn’t anything else like it out there.

Storing your stash is made easy with the Kiinde system. I was hesitant at first, but I got a starter pack to try and I loved the twist-cap storage bags. It is also unique because you can insert the bag into their feeding bottle, eliminating having to transfer your milk from bag to bottle, and they have a warmer safe for breastmilk.

Having access is important, and totally worth investing in a good nursing bra that doesn’t have to break the bank either. Coobie bras are seamless, comfortable, and affordable. In fact, they are bras that I will continue to wear once our nursing days are over.

There are a lot of cute and functional nursing covers out there. Smart Bottoms has a convertible nursing scarf that is either flannel or more lightweight for warmer weather, but both are soft, large and can be worn in at least a half dozen different ways.

Lastly, Bamboobies! They are heart shaped, and ultra-thin and conceal well under your clothes (unlike other nursing pads that make it clear you are wearing them) They also have a milk-proof backing for ultimate protection against leaks.

Lisa is a babywearing, breastfeeding, cloth-diapering mama that is going on 10 months strong with breastfeeding her daughter.


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