These Shorts Protect the Family Jewels

These Shorts Protect the Family Jewels

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My husband went into parenthood with a lot of unknowns. But one of the things he didn’t expect was just how much he was going to get baby kicks right in the groin. And these baby kicks would send him straight down to his knees in agony. 

If this sounds familiar, never fear, because Fridababy has got you, well him, covered. When I first saw this product I honestly thought it was a joke, or just a gag gift. Then when I saw it was from the same company that makes a lot of our favorite baby essentials like the NoseFrida, FeverFrida and the NailFrida, I was intrigued.

Their newest must-have is FridaBalls (and yes, that is the actual name). They are kid-proof underwear that protects dad’s most vulnerable area. Whether it’s from swinging feet while babywearing, the ever fun jump-on-dad-in-bed trick, or an unfortunately accurate head-butt, Fridaballs is there to “protect your legacy.”

Each pair has a reinforced protective pouch to soften the impact, breathable wicking fabric to keep things nice and fresh, and a never-slip, secure waistband. They also boast having patent-pending, “Heirloom Conservation Technology: Successfully adding branches to your family tree.”

And how can you put a price on family planning longevity? Well, Fridaballs has and all of these great features do come with a hefty price tag when it comes to men’s underwear. A single pair of these bad boys will cost you $27.99. Right now they are out of stock, but you can join the waitlist.  

Though, after checking out the how-to video and seeing just how painful those kicks from your sweet little baby can be, the price may seem like a bargain!

A lot of times, it’s the new moms that are showered with gifts, but this is the perfect gift for the new dad to be or even the seasoned dad that would love a reprieve from the pain fatherhood can bring.

Lisa is the mama to a wild and amazing toddler and has seen one too many times her husband brought to tears by the world’s cutest feet.

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