Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Wendy Smith


Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to accumulate some Milk Miles while showing your love to all your loved ones! Here are some of our favorite ideas for Valentine’s Day 2019.

Sweet Treats 

MMB has upped their game in the realm of confections! There are so many options for all of your loves, from special seasonal favorites, to classic candies loved for generations. We’ve even got delicious sugar-free options to delight all of your favorite people.


Soft & Snuggly 

When I was growing up, my dad would always get me a stuffed animal for Valentine’s Day. It was usually an elephant, because he always found them to be cooler than the traditional bears. Why not join my dad in thinking outside the box
and grab an awesome
Jellycat for your favorite people this year? With the new spring collection just released, you’re sure to find an amazing new friend for your special someone!

The Mister

Don’t worry about having to place a separate order for the special guy in your life. MMB now has some excellent options to make his Valentine’s Day more special too! Whether he’s got “mantastic” facial hair to style, or you want to offer him some new manly scents in the shower, we’ve got your holiday under control.

Making Mom Smile 

Simply Southern quickly became one of the favorite brands of mom clothing that
everyone loves. You can’t go wrong with a cute holiday shirt, or a cozy
sherpa jacket. They’re warm and comfy without feeling bulky.

Saranoni blankets are a recent addition to my home that makes me happy. I’m a cold girl, and there’s nothing cozier than snuggling under the softest blanket I’ve ever owned! They’re so great, I’ve bought a few as gifts too!

I’m always a fan of a great new coffee cup. This GoSili cup has two of my favorite features in a coffee cup--it’s microwavable, and it’s dishwasher safe. So, I can reheat my coffee as many times as I need to, and throw it in the dishwasher whenever I’ve finally finished my cup. It’s a win win!

If you’re still needing some ideas, try our Valentine’s Day collection for some inspiration. We’re always adding new products and finding great gift ideas to delight all your loves!

Jenny Ditch lives in Illinois with her Valentines and plans to spend the holiday at work, and then hibernating under her treasured Saranoni blanket.

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