Visiting Mom's Milk Boutique IRL: A Local's Guide

Visiting Mom's Milk Boutique IRL: A Local's Guide

Erin Burt

As a local gal, I go to the mothership all the time. I know most of you live far away and dream of being able to drive down the street and go the magical place that is MMB. Here’s what it’s like to live so close it’s dangerous!

It’s like Narnia
The store is in the middle of a fairly residential area and the building is inconspicuous. You show up to a nice, plain building with a small parking lot. There’s nothing outside to clue you in to the awesome that is about to overwhelm once you walk in the doors. I remember the first time my husband and I walked into the store. I was pregnant with our girl, and desperately needed some nursing pads. So we wandered inside and were immediately astounded! My husband said “It’s like Narnia in here!” It really is like being transported from the mundane to a somehow, magical place!

The ladies are really that sweet and fun
I’ve been going in regularly since that first trip, and the ladies are always friendly and happy to see me every time. They know us by name, and we always have a great time together. Their kids are regularly around, and love being helpful too! It’s a family atmosphere. There’s a fun place to play for your littles, and always friendly faces to help you find something or just talk.

You always find something you didn’t know you needed
I always come in with a list. This is a local’s best tip for survival. But be warned, you’ll always find something you didn’t know you needed. It’s inevitable. I try to stay away until absolutely necessary--just to avoid spending too much money at once.

A few practical notes
If you know you’re coming in soon, you can always order for local pickup. It saves you on shipping, but charges a little more local tax. I don’t mind the local taxes though. I love knowing I’m saving the ladies the shipping costs, and putting more money back into our local economy.

We live in a very high-poverty area and my husband and I see MMB as one of our favorite bright spots in our community. We love knowing that our purchases are good choices for our family and are also helping a great local business.

PS – here’s a shot of the quantity of caramels usually out for everyone to see. They keep their supply in the back to protect our waistlines and our wallets!

Jenny Ditch loves living close by and visiting with the MMB ladies regularly.

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